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How it Works

My Green Doctor (MGD) is intended to help all types of medical offices to save money as they improve their energy and environmental practices.  MGD a public service of the Council for Healthy Floridians of the Florida Medical Association (FMA).  All of the information is written by experts in the “built” environment and is approved by physicians.  It is edited by Dr Todd Sack.

Anyone can use My Green Doctor:   managers, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, clerical staff, lab techs, administrators, cleaning staff, IT experts, and even doctors.   No scientific or environmental knowledge is needed.  All members of the office are encouraged to log onto the website and to register-—it is free, confidential and safe to use.   If you “take the Pledge” to improve your office, we will send you a free certificate for your waiting room just for getting started!

We will help you learn how to make Environmental Sustainability part of the mission of your medical office or of your organization.  See our blog, entitled. “Having trouble starting, or restarting, your Green Team?”

My Green Doctor explains how to form and operate a medical office Green Team, how to choose changes for your office, and how to qualify for Green Doctor Office Recognition from the Florida Medical Association.  At each Green Team meeting, someone on the Team can keep simple minutes using the Green Team Notes form.  After several months, these Notes will be submitted to us as the basis for receiving your Recognition status and for receiving an attractive certificate to display proudly in your waiting room and office lunchroom. provides 7 Workbooks that are chock-full of ideas.  More than 120 Action Steps are described that your Green Team can choose to undertake.  There are dozens of Education Steps that make it easy to share useful information with your office staff, your families and your patients.  For example, there are a dozen brochures that can easily be printed and placed your waiting room.  These Education Steps are how you can have a big impact on the health of your patients and of the wider community.

Take a look at a few of the Workbooks, or look at the blogs at the bottom of the main page for some other good ideas. And please email or call us with idea, questions, or criticisms of your own.

We encourage you to get started RIGHT AWAY:  go to “Quick Start, Now!” and learn how to start  YOUR Green Team in just 15 minutes!

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