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How To Use

My Green Doctor is a self-administered study program intended to help all types of doctor offices to save money and lower their environmental impacts. The program is provided as a free  public service of the Council for Healthy Floridians of the Florida Medical Association (FMA), in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

My Green Doctor  is voluntary, easy to use and understand, comprehensive, and systematic. An office of any size can use it, providing real value to you, your business, your patients, and your community.

How it works:

  • Register: Begin by registering  at Registration is free, quick, secure and confidential.
  • Create your office Green Team:   Each member of your Team can use this website to learn how to analyze your office’s energy and environmental practices, to choose Action Steps, and to make improvements.  Your Team will decide what Action Steps are right for your office, how to implement them, and how fast.
  • Workbooks:  Choose from more than 120 Action Steps and Education Steps in seven workbooks. You likely will start with the easiest, which are listed as “Quick Start Now!” steps.
  • At each meeting, fill out the Green Team Notes form:  This is an easy way to keep track of your Team meetings, your Action Steps and your accomplishments..  Your Green Team Notes will become most of your documentation for earning your Green Doctor Office  Recognition certificate in just a few months.
  • Obtain your Green Doctor Office  Recognition. This is an attractive certificate for your waiting room or other area.  It makes a statement about you office that will be noticed by  your patients and colleagues.   Recognition, which is valid for three years, is offered for free to FMA members and to members of  co-sponsoring professional societiess,  or $250 to non-members.

We provide seven workbooks to guide you:

Workbook 1: Energy Efficiency
Workbook 2: Renewable Energy
Workbook 3: Water Efficiency
Workbook 4: Solid Waste & Recycling
Workbook 5: Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Workbook 6: Transportation & Commuting
Workbook 7: Healthy Foods for the Dcotor Office

 Each Workbook contains:

  • An Introduction to the subject of the Workbook.
  • Background Information packed with facts, plus web links to more information about the subject.
  • An Office Assessment section to guide you in assessing your office’s current performance in preparation for making changes.
  • An Improvement Plan listing Action Steps that your office can take for improving your office’s performance.
  • The Green Team Notes form that allows you to record your meeting minutes and to keep track of your progress.  The Notes form makes it easy to apply to the FMA for your Green Doctor Office Program Recognition. Download the form here.

My Green Doctor is free, secure and saves you money.  Have questions?  Contact or 904-403-6446

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